Facilitator / Teacher/ Creator

One of my current passion projects over the last few years, has been bringing life skills through Drama to communities and people who are new to it or perhaps have felt too shy to step into a drama class before. My work includes teaching teen and adult classes at the Surrey Art Centre, working with new Canadians at the Douglas College LINC program and a variety of projects with the Square Page Society for adults with ASD.

Somethings additional you should know about me are:

  •  I love learning about new things and connecting ideas and people in a shared vision.
  •  I am fascinated by the various threads that weave people and ideas together, be it from high level Strategic Planning Discussions to the personal experience of someone walking in the door.
  • I am passionate about Organizational Development and Culture Creation
  • I believe that two key concepts towards effective work in the above are Storytelling and Welcoming. Both Storytelling and Welcoming are communication centered actions that  include a liberal sprinkling of heart and humour.  They are values of mine that have served me powerfully in both in my Facilitation and Acting pursuits.
  • One of my large passion projects was co-founding  Urban Academy, an Independent School for students from JK to Grade 12 . The school’s development  included extensive work in championing the arts, organizational health, culture creation and facilitation, board and leadership development, organizational structuring and public speaking to name a few. I was proud to work alongside a fabulous team of committed contributors and passionate parents!
  • I am proud to have served for three years as Chair of the Board on the Vancouver Junior Roller Derby Society, advocating for this empowering sport and creating a strong and engaged community.
  • Collaboration is another value of mine. Creating an atmosphere where people’s skills and creativity are nurtured , appreciated and grown. I have learned so much from the leaders and contributors around me each day.
  • I am also excited by the amazing access that we have today to great  groundbreaking conversations, trail blazers,  writers, champions and explorers  through books and modern technology. How exciting to connect to language, passion and tools that support our visions!
  •  Some of my  favourite larger work influences and resources for you can check out are:  Margaret Wheatley,  Jim Collins,  Elizabeth  GilbertPatrick LencioniBrene Brown, Sir Ken Robinson

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